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22-05-2012, 05:37 PM
The IELTS Result

All IELTS results are released 13 calendar days after the test. " In case a candidate needs to obtain the results within a week, the candidate needs to pay an extra amount, as mentioned in the application form." The score report is mailed within two weeks of the test. All four modules are equally weighted. The score for each section is reported on a band of 0-9. The average of the scores of all sections is taken and the overall score is given in band of 0-9.

What can candidates do if they are unhappy with their results?

Candidates may apply for an enquiry on results procedure at the centre at which they took their test within four weeks of issue of results. There is a fee for this which is refunded should the band score change.

Why are results now issued after 13 days and not earlier?
All IELTS results around the world will now be issued 13 days after the test date to ensure global consistency. This allows Cambridge ESOL more time to analyse all centres’ results and check for any inconsistencies before they are released. This is also application in IELTS India result.

What if I lose my Test Report Form / Result?
At any time within two years of your test administration, you can apply to the centre where you took the test for further copies of the Test Report Form (TRF). There will be a small administrative charge for this service.

What if I need additional TRF's to be sent to Institutions ?
You may request for additional TRF which will be dispatched directly the by the test centre to the institution. There is NO CHARGE for the additional TRF, HOWEVER, will have to pay for the dispatch i.e. the Registered Post or Courier charge as opted by you.

IELTS Score link

check your IELTS score online by visiting following websites.
India: New Delhi
IDP Australia : http://www.ieltsindia.com/candidate.htm
British Council: http://ielts-results.britishcouncil.org (http://ielts-results.britishcouncil.org)

Iran: Tehran
IDP: http://www.ieltstehran.com/index.php

Nepal: Kathmandu
British Council: http://www.britishcouncil.org/nepal-exams-ielts-results.htm (http://www.britishcouncil.org/nepal-exams-ielts-results.htm)

IDP: https://results.ielts.org (https://results.ielts.org/)