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Chủ đề: 40 So, Neither do I và I think so

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    40 So, Neither do I và I think so

    40 So, Neither do I và I think so

    1 So and neither

    Vicky: I'm hungry.
    Rachel: So am I. I haven't eaten anything all day.
    Daniel: Neither have I. I didn't have time for breakfast.

    Ta dùng so sau câu khẳng định và dùng neithersau câu phủ định.

    I'm hungry. - So am I. (= And I'm hungry./I'm hungry, too.)
    I haven't eaten. - Neither have I. (= And I haven't eaten./I haven't eaten either.)

    Cấu trúc là
    so/neither + an auxiliary + the subject.

    Auxiliary (trợ động từ) là một dạng của behoặchavehoặc một động từ tình thái(ví dụ: can. )

    We're really busy at work. - So are we.
    Tom has gone to the match. - And so has Nick.
    David can't drive, and neither can Melanie.

    Chủ từ đứng ở cuối câu. KHÔNG NÓI: We're busy. - So we are.

    Trong Present Simple và Past Simple ta dùng một hình thức củado.

    I love old cowboy films. - So do I.
    This phone doesn't work. - Neither does this one.
    United won, and so did Rangers.

    Ta có thể dùng northay cho neither.

    Emma isn't here tonight. Neither/Nor is Matthew.

    2 I think so, v.v....

    Vicky: It's 'Round the Corner' at half past seven, my favourite soap opera. Are we going to be back in time?
    Daniel: I think so. We haven't got far to go now.
    Rachel: We might miss the beginning.
    Vicky: Oh, I hope not. I want to know if Bernard really did steal the money.

    Ở đây I think socó nghĩa là 'I think we'll be back in time', còn I hope not có nghĩa là 'I hope we don't miss the beginning'.

    Ta có thể dùng sođằng saube afraid, believe, expect, guess, hope, suppose và think.

    Do you think you'll get the job? - Well, I hope so.
    Are you going on h
    oliday this year? - Yes, I expect so.
    I don't know for sure if Henry is rich, but I should think so.

    Nhưng ta không được dùng so sau know hoặc be sure.

    There's been an accident. - Yes, I know. KHÔNG NÓI I know so.
    Are you sure you're doing the right thing? - Yes, I'm sure.
    KHÔNG NÓI I'm sure so.

    Có hai cấu trúc phủ định
    PHỦ ĐỊNH + so

    Is it raining? - I don't think so.
    Are you going to the concert? - I don't expect so.

    Với expect và think, ta thường dùng cấu trúc phủ định + so

    KHẲNG ĐỊNH + not

    Is it raining? - I hope not.
    Have we won a prize? - I'm afraid not.

    Với be afraid, guess và hope,ta dùng cấu trúc khẳng định + not

    Với believe và supposeta có thể dùng cả hai cấu trúc đều được.

    Will there be any seats left? - I don't suppose so. HOẶC I suppose not.

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    Re: 40 So, Neither do I và I think so

    40 So, Neither do I và I think so – Bài tập

    So and neither

    Andrew vừa gặp Jessica ở một bữa tiệc. Họ phát hiện ra họ có rất nhiều điểm chung. Hãy điền vào cấu trúc với so và neither.

    Ví dụ:
    Andrew: I haven't been to a party for ages.
    Jessica: Neither have I. I hate crowded rooms.
    Andrew: Yes, so do I. I'm not a party-goer, really.

    1. Jessica: No, ______________I can't make conversation.
    2. Andrew: _____________. You know, I'm a quiet sort of person.
    3. Jessica: And ______________ . I lead a pretty quiet life.
    4. Andrew: Well, _______________ I haven't got many friends.
    5. Jessica: _______________. And I would really like a good friend.
    6. Andrew: Oh, ______________

    So and neither

    Hãy điền vào chỗ trống

    Ví dụ:
    Claire can ski, and so can Melanie.
    Mark isn't keen on cooking, and neither is Claire.

    1. Melanie doesn't like travelling much, and________________.
    2. Mark has got lots of COs, and ____________________ .
    3. Emma can't ski, and __________________ .
    4. Claire isn't a music lover, and ______________ .
    5. Melanie cooks quite often, and _______________ .
    6. Mark travels quite a lot, and _____________________ .

    I think so, v.v..

    Sử dụng các từ trong ngoặc và cấu trúc so hoặc notđể hoàn tất bài đàm thoại sau:

    Ví dụ:
    Laura: Does the library open on Saturdays? (think)
    Trevor: Yes, I think so. But I'm not absolutely certain.
    Harriet: You can't go out for an evening meal wearing shorts. (guess)
    Mike: I guess not. I'd better put some trousers on.

    1. Sarah: Will there be a lot of people at the concert tonight? (expect)
    Mark: ________________There aren't usually very many.
    2. Daniel: Are you going to apply for the job? (suppose)
    Vicky: ____________ It's the only one available.
    3. David: Do you think it's going to rain? (hope)
    Melanie: Well, ___________. I'm just about to go out.
    4. Nick: Will the match take place in this weather? (think)
    Tom: In fact, I'm sure it won't.
    5. Claire: Is my coat ready, please? (afraid)
    Assistant: _________________ We' re having problems with the machine.

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