This quiz is about words associated with university study!

1. Students are reminded that all coursework must _________ by the end of May.
a) be handed in
b) be handed
c) hand in
d) hand out

2. I had to write a 25,000-word _________ to complete my Master’s degree.
a) email
b) report
c) dissertation
d) presentation

3. What is ‘Freshers’ Week’?
a) A week of celebration following graduation.
b) An introductory week of activities for first-year students joining the university.
c) A week of preparation before the first-year exams.
d) A week of interviews to select new students for a university.

4. What is a ‘sandwich course’?
a) A course at a culinary college in food preparation.
b) A part-time course in which students study in their lunch hours.
c) A special course that takes place during the university summer holidays.
d) A university course in which students also take on full-time work related to their field of study.

5. What description best characterises a seminar?
a) A speech delivered by a tutor to a large group of students.
b) A one-to-one session between a teacher and a student.
c) A class at university in which a particular topic is discussed by a tutor and a small group of students.
d) A series of tasks that students must complete over the course of an academic year.

6. He was a first-rate student and won a _________ to study at Oxford University because of his academic excellence.
a) scholarship
b) grant
c) bursary
d) student loan

Source: BBC