Watercolor DemonstrationsThese watercolor demonstrations will keep you on your toes and challenging yourself every stroke of the way.
  1. Watercolor Artist Blog: Watch online seminars, browse art videos and enhance your painting skills with this interactive watercolor art blog.
  2. Create38: Artists of all skill levels will learn something from this watercolor instruction blog that has demonstration videos, painting tips and a public forum.
  3. Art Instruction Blog: Here you’ll find helpful watercolor painting tutorials and interactive videos from watercolor artists like you.
  4. Watercolour Courses: This blog collects instructional YouTube videos and lessons that teach artists about different watercolor techniques.
  5. Creative Spotlite : Check out this site’s free watercolor lessons and techniques donated by professional artists.
  6. Splashing Paint: Here you’ll find watercolor painting demonstrations and tips from this artist’s watercolor workshop experience.
  7. Debi Watson Watercolor: Try your hand at painting sea shells, sunsets and clouds with these watercolor demonstrations from professional artist and teacher Debi Watson.
  8. Roland Lee: Art Lessons : Acclaimed watercolor artist, Roland Lee, provides more than 40 step-by-step watercolor painting demonstrations that will blow you away.
  9. Yong Chen: Learn Watercolor Painting: Learn how to paint a watercolor portrait from a photograph, mix colors and properly care for your brushes with these step-by-step demonstrations from watercolor artist Yong Chen.
  10. Art Graphica: Get free lessons on how to paint landscapes, animals, still lifes and other beautiful images using these simple watercolor demonstrations.
Watercolor ArtistsGet inspired, improve your painting skills and receive helpful advice from one watercolor artist to another.
  1. Frank Eber: Frank Eber, a watercolor landscape painter, blogs about his latest pieces and discusses techniques and tips you can use at home.
  2. Carol Carter: This accomplished watercolor artist talks about her travels and current collection of Italian-inspired art on her blog.
  3. Watercolours With Life: Check out the fine art of Jean Haines, whose watercolor paintings focus on nature, animals and the beautiful things in life.
  4. Carol King: Check out this New York artist’s rants and raves about painting, drawing and everything in between.
  5. David Lobenberg: Follow this art professor, workshop instructor and commission artist as he paints still lifes, landscapes and portraits in watercolor.
  6. Brush-Paper-Water: Check out the exquisite watercolor paintings from this blog’s featured artists of 2010.
  7. Leslie White: Browse this artist’s watercolor paintings and mixed-media artwork for inspiration and education.
  8. Stephen J. Quirke: Check out this watercolorist’s paintings that almost always come from an everyday observation or adventure.
  9. A Painting A Week: This watercolor artist has challenged himself to do at least one painting a week, in which he focuses primarily on real life experiences and people.
  10. thomas w schaller: Check out this watercolor artist’s fine details and excellent use of color in his graphic architecture paintings.
  11. Davidtripp’s Blog: Follow this watercolorist’s blog, as he paints the rugged landscapes and nostalgic images of Texas and the great Southwest.
  12. Watercolor Works: Check out this Florida-based artist’s landscape, portrait and beach scene watercolor paintings from start to finish.
  13. A Painting A Day Blog: This watercolor artist is challenging himself to do a painting a day, while exploring a variety of subjects he is not used to painting.
  14. A Passion for Watercolour!: Take some pointers from this watercolor artist, who paints vivid images of animals, flowers and landscapes.
  15. Doris Joa: This watercolor artist loves to paint little girls, flowers, cats and all things that are pretty and share them on her blog.
  16. Keiko Tanabe: Follow this award-winning watercolor artist as she travels around the world, painting Parisian cafes, California beaches, Venetian gondolas and other lovely sites.
  17. Watercolour Artist Diary: Check out this watercolor artist’s nature paintings and see how she achieves such fine detail on her colorful blog.
  18. Watercolors by Laura Trevey: Get inspired by this artist’s colorful blog that features her lighthearted images of beach chairs, high heels and flowers.
  19. Watercolors and Words: This watercolor artist always accompanies her paintings with something insightful, including personal critiques and questions to her readers.
  20. Watercolorings: This blogger took a 20-year hiatus from painting and returned as an eager student who has produced a lovely collection of watercolor paintings.
Art BusinessImprove your marketability and get your art into a gallery with the help of these art business blogs.
  1. Art Biz Blog: This inspirational blog will help any artist learn how to promote themselves and sell their artwork.
  2. Art Licensing Blog: Artists who are interested in licensing their art or learning more about the process should check out this helpful blog.
  3. Art Print Issues: Learn how you can get your work in galleries and make a name for yourself with the helpful advice of art marketing guru, Barney Davey.
  4. Absolute Arts: This contemporary art blog sells art, discusses current art trends and provides useful information for artists of all fields.
  5. FineArtStudioOnline: Increase your exposure with the help of this web site creation tool that artists can use to make their own web site and start selling their art.
  6. Original Impulse: Find effective ways to market yourself, maintain creativity and get helpful feedback from this experienced writing and creativity coach.
  7. Making a Mark : This industry insider shares her art business and marketing strategies that could help you launch your work online.
  8. Fine Art Tips: Take some tips from artist Lori McNee, who blogs about standing out in the art industry, achieving your goals and maximizing your profits.
  9. Daily Painters Gallery: If you’re a daily painter and want to get your work in a gallery, you may want to join this large gallery that is home to more than 30,000 paintings from 150 daily painters.
  10. Joanne Mattera Art Blog: Check out what this artist and writer has to say about marketing artwork, gallery representation and professional ethics for the art industry.
Art News and ReviewsStay in the know about the latest art happenings in your area and around the world with these news blogs.
  1. ArtsJournal: You’ll find just about everything you wanted to know about visual arts, culture and media on this comprehensive art blog.
  2. Art Blogazine: Peruse this online art ‘blogazine’ for current art news, marketing and hot topics within the industry.
  3. Alltop: This blog sifts through online art news to bring you the most popular articles and hot topics in one convenient place.
  4. Artworld Salon: Get the latest news and debates about the global art world from this moderated discussion blog.
  5. Akrylic: Here you’ll find tons of reviews, artist interviews and essays from this accomplished art critic.
  6. The Art Law Blog: Read news reports and cases involving copyright and plagiarism, art theft and much more.
  7. ArtsBeat Blog: The New York Times art blog is a great source for the latest art and design news, must-see exhibitions and artist updates.
  8. WetCanvas: WetCanvas provides a professional forum for artists of all fields and skill levels to discuss techniques, art news, products and even critique each other’s work.
  9. ArtForums.co.uk: Here, watercolor artists can have their work critiqued by fellow art lovers and discuss techniques, business practices and any other art-related matters.
  10. NEWSgrist: This blog focuses on the politics of art and culture today, specifically copyright laws, censorship and intellectual property.